Computational Toxicology and Exposure Data APIs

Limited Access APIs

An API Key is needed to access these APIs. Each user will need a specific key for each application. Please send an email to request an API key.

EPA’s computational toxicology research efforts evaluate the potential health effects of thousands of chemicals. The process of evaluating potential health effects involves generating data that investigates the potential harm, or hazard of a chemical, the degree of exposure to chemicals as well as the unique chemical characteristics.

The APIs provided by EPA enable users to extract specific data from various databases and integrate them into their applications. These data are also available for download on our Data Download page

As part of EPA’s commitment to share data, all of the computational toxicology data is publicly available for anyone to access and use. EPA's computational toxicology data is considered "open data", and thus all of the data are free of all copyright restrictions, and fully and freely available for both non-commercial and commercial use.

  • Chemical APIs

    Access APIs for searching chemicals, files for chemical structures, and chemical details.

  • Hazard APIs

    Access APIs for human and ecotoxicology data.

  • Bioactivity APIs

    Access APIs for chemical bioactivity data.

  • Exposure APIs

    Access APIs for chemical exposure data.

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